Share Tips for 2013

In previous years we have summarised the share tips made by the financial pages and brokers for the coming year. For example, we compiled a list of newspaper, magazine and broker share tips for 2012.

We are doing the same at the end of 2012 - compiling a list of 2013 share tips.

So if you are wondering which shares to buy for 2013, then check back here over the next few days as we continue to add details of the shares being tipped for 2013 by the likes of Questor, The Sunday Times and Tempus.

A Summary of 2013 Share Tips

So here is a summary of the shares and funds that the newspapers, financial magazines and brokers are tipping for 2013.

The Sunday Times

The Money section of The Sunday Times kicked off the 2013 share tips season with an article called "Portfolio tips for a happy new year".

In the article, Ali Hussain writes that professional investors are looking to profit from smaller companies, a resurgent America and technological advantages.

The article started with America.


National Oilwell Varco - Oliver Gregson, Barclays
Weir Group - Oliver Gregson, Barclays
AXA Framlington American Growth fund - Darius McDermott, Chelsea Financial Services
Threadneedle American Select fund - Darius McDermott, Chelsea Financial Services

To view a full summary of article and to read which shares and fund tips for 2013 were made in this article, visit the Sunday Times share tips for 2013 page. You will also find a list of the shares the Sunday Times staff picked for 2013 in the article "Our share tips for 2013" which was published on 30th December.

Investors Chronicle 2013 Share Tips

Bit early for Investors Chronicle's share tips for 2013, but the 14th December issue has a front page headline of "Why the first shares you buy in 2013 should be housebuilders".

The double Christmas issue of Investors Chronicle magazine is out today (21st December) and it leads with "Investment Wrapped Up - The outlook for UK shares, the economy, banking, metals and mining, oil and gas, small caps, the eurozone, emerging markets, property, bonds, funds, regulation".

For more information on the shares being tipped for 2013, visit the Investors Chronicle 2013 share tips page.

Money Observer Share Tips For 2013

To find out which shares, trusts and finds are being tipped for 2013 by the Money Observer team, hop over to the Money Observer tips for 2013 page.

Questor Share Tips for 2013

We have added a list of the shares being tipped by Questor for 2013. Find details on the Questor share tips for 2013 page.

The Independent Share Tips for 2013

The Independent's 2012 share tips had a stonking year. See if they can repeat the success by reading which shares they are tipping for 2013 on the Independent share tips page.

Telegraph Share Tips for 2013

Details of which shares The Telegraph writers are tipping for 2013 can be found on the Telegraph share tips 2013 page.

Moneywise Magazine

The January issue of Moneywise magazine leads with "2013 - Get your New Year finances sorted".
We will be adding details of their share tips and fund tips for 2013 soon.

Daily Mail - Share Tips for 2013

For details of which shares the Mail's city reporters are picking for 2013, visit the Daily Mail 2013 share tips page.

The Mail on Sunday - Midas Share Tips for 2013

For details of which shares The Mail on Sunday are tipping for 2013, visit the Mail on Sunday 2013 share tips page.

Tempus - Share tips for 2013

Check the 2013 Tempus share tips page.

Sunday Telegraph 2013 Share Tips

The Money section had an article on 16th December discussing how investors could capitalise on an America on the mend.

Visit the Sunday Telegraph share tips for 2013 page for details.

MoneyWeek 2013 Share Tips

The January 4th issue leads with "The quest for riches - What to buy in 2013. On the MoneyWeek share tips for 2013 page, we tell you what the MoneyWeek expert panel is tipping for 2013.

The Guardian Share Tips For 2013

Visit the Guardian 2013 share tips page to see which shares the writers are tipping for 2013.

Shares Magazine Tips For 2013

The 27th December issue of Shares magazine leads with "Tips for 2013".

The article opens with the news that the Shares' team 2012 selections returned a 15.4% profit.

Their 2013 share tips include the likes of Avon Rubber (AVON) and Dignity (DTY).

For full details visit the Shares magazine share tips for 2013 page.

Fund Tips for 2013

Check back soon for details of which funds are being tipped for 2013. Time to pile into America? Should you be investing in small cap funds? Which income funds should you be buying for 2013. Find out soon.


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