Money Observer Share Tips for 2011

In December 2010, Money Observer issued their January 2011 edition of the magazine which contained articles relating to 2011 share tips and tips for funds and ETFs to invest in in 2011.

Share Tips For 2011

The January edition of Money Observer has various tips for 2011 - Share tips, fund tips, ETF tips and other tips to make money in 2011.

Page 19 has a short article called "Our Experts' Share Tips" and the following shares are mentioned:

Boot (Henry)
Cable & Wireless Worldwide
Churchill Mining

Investment Trust tips for 2011

Page 20 of Money Observer has an article called "Our Experts' Investment Trust Tips".

Among the tips for 2011 are:

Schroder UK Growth Fund
Fidelity Special Values
Troy Income & Growth Trust
Herald Investment Trust
Throgmorton Trust
Northern Investors Company

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